Higher Power: Power of Love


The biggest lie that we believe is that God can’t love us the way we are.  We have never been loved perfectly.  Our families and friends have done the best they can, but they are limited by their own wounds and feelings of not being loved.

Some of us, unfortunately, have been hurt deeply, and we have started to believe lies as a result.  “I am unlovable.”  “I have to be good in order to be loved.”  “Love hurts.”  We carry these beliefs with us, and they form our abilities to give and receive love and acceptance.

How can we change this belief?  We can’t do it by ourselves.

Only God can show us how much he loves us.  Through his Word, through the words and actions of others, and through his whispers to our heart, our Father wants his love to permeate us through and through.  The enemy’s lies melt away in the power of God’s love.

CHALLENGE:  Encourage a friend by telling them that you love them.  You may be God’s message of love to them today.


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