Higher Power: Joy Is The Rain


Have you ever watched a hard rain fall, noticing the way it fills up puddles, creeks, streams, and rivers?  Sometimes, of course, rains cause flooding that wreaks havoc as it destroys buildings and claims lives.

But most rains bring new life to everything.  Plants grow, water sources are replenished, and living creatures have plenty to drink.

When you’re going through a tough day or a hard season, is can feel like a drought.  Your joy seems to have dried up with no hope for showers in sight.  Your heart feels parched and your spirit is so thirsty for the life-giving power of real joy.  You go through the motions of your day, but inside the well is dry.

gods rain on justrumianting men's blog

God’s love provides the constant light we need to grow, and our joy in him produces the refreshment that replenishes and sustains us.  Joy is the rain for the soil of our spirit.  Watered by his love, we grow stronger.


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