A Higher Power: A Masterpiece


One of the things we love about the artwork of children is the open, sincere way it expresses their emotions.  Maybe we enjoy their artwork so much because it’s not perfect in the way it’s done, but it still expresses enormous beauty.

Our Higher Power’s work in our lives reflects the same kind of tension that we see in the artwork of children.  We’re certainly not perfect people yet, but because of what our Higher Power is doing in us, we reveal our Creator’s holiness and love for his creation and the other people around us.

We don’t have to have our lives together or every area under control to know that we are divine masterpieces, works in progress that reveal the Master’s gentle, beautiful handiwork.

Today, spend less time worrying about living up to someone else’s–or even your own–impossible standard of perfections.  Instead, simply enjoy being your unique, authentic self–the one-of-a-kind living art being shaped by the Potter to be used as his vessel.


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