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Poetry: Thanks Misgiving

Oh Thanks Misgiving!
I could fill volumes
of your treachery
of your faithlessness
of your debauchery .

Dad’s wine never
tasted better
on his bitter tongue
he never could
get it right
though I’m sure
he might see it
a different way.

And those lonely
college days
nowhere to go
no one to see
nothing to do
no one cared.

I remember

The one that
got away
won’t remember
won’t remember
all the bloody
words I cleaned
up that month.

Jack and me
head to toe in
powder until
the sun revealed
our lies
my biggest
mistake’s father
knew as he carved.

The street-walker
with her bag of

(I only wanted her stuff)

was more than
more than willing
to sort my affairs
while I surveyed
CVS for tinfoil
it was only a

Three more years
with alcohol’s
that cunt who
just had to do
as many jello
shots as possible
to finish her turkey.

And that’s just
10 years worth
(I’m 52)
of self-inflicted
gunshot wounds
to the body
to the heart
to the mind.

Oh Thanks Misgiving!
I think I’ll just
stay in this year
and eat peanut
butter and jelly
I’ve given
enough of me
to you.

Poetry: Slow Burn

Poetry Slow Burn

Lay your head upon my chest
and feel it rise and fall
listen to my loving words
as moonlight bathes the wall.

Tender kiss my parted lips
and taste my growing need
stay within my warm embrace
as shadows slow recede.

Lay your form upon my breast
and fix upon my gaze
see the love therein that lies
as day the night delays.

Tightly cling to what we know
and love the long night through
so into one we shall merge
you are me and i am you.

Poetry: Profundity

Poetry Profundity

I lost a june bug
long ago
thought you should know
I think she was taken
ripped from a leaf

we shared the soup of
immortals gallantly
braving the injustices
of that world
in such repose
it would
stagger you

until one day
from a trembling leaf
she was taken from me
she didn’t have a chance
she was gone

no one saw it coming
no one to share the rain
with anymore
no one to
make sense of it all
no one to
meet the day
with anymore

a funny thing happened
that obliterated
20,000 years of
20,000 years
and just
she was here

now we run on leaves
we’ve missed so
and splash the rain
that’s fallen
over 20,000 years
cleansed by
eons of knowing

we stroll on precipices
of narrow green leaves
sharing once again
the very profundity
of us under
the perfect sun.

Poetry: What Sage

Poetry What Sage

What sage who ever came
could ever come again
just to trace dusty steps
he paced within his den.

To ponder worldly truths
to figure them for lies
and spit sour blades of grass
between his sorrowed sighs.

To kneel to pray to cry
to a God without name
and move in tattered robes
which cloak his fragile frame.

Where is this wisest one
who keeps secure the key
one that leads to our worlds
he’ll be where he will be.

Poetry: Defeat Our Fears

Poetry Defeat Our Fears

Poetry that I have written for my lovely wife, Rebecca. Presented today for the first time anywhere! Visit her blog at My Faces of Life.

I want you
in the sunshine
and the rain
on every day
to defeat
the pain.

I need you
around me
surround me
beneath me
above me.

I want you
in the winter
during the fall
through the spring
and hot summer
through the
seasons all.

I need you
to hold my hand
let’s make
a stand
let us fight
the tears
let us defeat
our fears.

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