My Photography: aged

Thought I’d start a new section of my blog using my newfound passion for photography. I see poetry all around me, I’d like to share my views of the world using just my Samsung phone for now–horrendous camera fyi.  Then I’m using a basic photo editor to manipulate them into apoeticlife!


Old house outside of Brockton High School.


  • Thannks for this blog post

  • Oooh, I like this. Hooray photography! I partake in it as well 😊 This photo just jumped off the screen at me and almost hurt my eyes because my brightness is up too high, but it’s so engaging I couldn’t look away. I really like the feel of it. Also, I like the new look of your blog! The header and the new violety color are very nice. Been too long since I’ve been on here. Missed you! Happy holidays and hope all is well!!

    • I missed you too I was actually looking through my followers and noticed youve been gone awhile hope your ok. You’ve been with me awhile don’t wanna lose you now

      • I’m okay! Just busy busy busy life. I’ll always be back. How have you been?

      • Getting better all the time. Especially since I finally broke free of a very, very unhealthy “relationship” that I nearly derailed my sobriety over. I learned some hard lessons, but essential ones too. Thanks for asking.

      • Good for you!!! That’s exciting. Nothing is worth sacrificing your own health and happiness for. And hopefully it’s given you lots to write about. I always say I can’t write poetry when I’m happy, it’s the issues that push out the words.

  • I’m fascinated by old buildings, abandoned structures… Have you seen Beauty In Decay? A series of photos by Urban Explorers? Gorgeous old abandoned buildings.

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