Robert M. Levasseur

Robert M. Levasseur is a 56 year old Veteran who blogs about the things he has learned in life, and in recovery.

Moving forward here in the latter part of 2020, I will be writing the outline to my book, Principles of Purpose:  A Guide To Living Life Wisely.

I started this blog in October of 2016, as an ongoing journal of my experiences in recovery.  I also use RecoveryWise as a platform for the many poems I have written since 1983.

If you want to experience recoverywise, in the best sense, then I recommend that you visit the Archives.  You can then read my blog from the very beginning.  However, that is not necessary, of course.  I have written many sections of my blog under various categories.

RecoveryWise is a place for recovering addicts, trauma survivors, or those considering sobriety, to come and learn, laugh, and share my thoughts on addiction, sobriety, recovery from mental illness, my sobriety, wellness.  It is also a place to enjoy many different poems.

I hope my blog enlightens, educates, supports, uplifts, amuses, and educates.  I hope that you may find hope through my in-your-face writing about y own life’s hardships, and successes.  Maybe RecoveryWise will end up just being a place you hang out, and enjoy the many features I have tried to grace its pages with.

Thank you for visiting! I hope you enjoy your stay and please share your own comments and experiences with me! Sincerely, Robert M. Levasseur

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