Higher Power: Watch What You Say


Often we think back over recent conversations and wince.  “I can’t believe I said that!”  “I think I hurt her feelings.”  “I was just trying to be funny and it backfired.”  We all have many cringe-worthy moments that we wish we could relive.

We look behind our words and we can see that our comment had everything to do with our own insecurity, selfishness, anger, and pain.

Did you know that God could help you control what you say?  If you ask him to help you, you will be surprised by its effect on your speech.  There will be a moment before you speak when you pause to think.

You will not be able to find the right words without thinking first.  You may just become unusually quiet.  Soon, your inner conversation of praise and peace will emerge in what you say.  God wants your words to bless and build up those around you.

CHALLENGE:  Before you text with someone today, take a moment and think about your response.  Be thoughtful and check your words.


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