My Ruminations: A Few Things About Me


So I have been posting a lot of material on recovery.  Sometimes it can be a bit much.  Sometimes I wonder if I post too much of the stuff on some days.

But then, when I read some of your blogs, I realize how much I gain from your openness and honesty, so I keep writing and posting in the hopes that something I include will be helpful to you.

Well, dear readers, today I thought I would just have a little fun and share ten facts about me.  Just as a way of sharing a different side of things.  My entire life is not about recovery, nor does it have to be.  So here you go:

  1. I love Bass Fishing!  I used to have a boat, but I sold it because a poor impulsive decision.  Now I shore fish and think about what it was like to fish with a boat, lol.

2.  My favorite color is dark teal.  Yes, it has to be dark, that way it’s much less feminine.  If I could get away with wearing teal pants, I would.

3.  My favorite food is Italian.  Within the wonderful world of Italian food, my favorite is lasagna!  Give me some French bread and butter, and a pile of lasagna, and I am in heaven!

lasagna on justruminating men's blog

4.  I love to swim.  I grew up swimming as our only real family outing.  I can stay in the water and play and swim for hours.

5.  I love mythology.  One of the first books I ever read was Edith Hamilton’s Mythology:  Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes.  I must have read that book 20 times.

6.  I was an English Major, so I read a lot of books and poetry.  A relatively unknown book is probably in my top 10:  One Hundred Years of Solitude.  It affected me deeply my Junior year of college.  Read it, it will affect you too.

7.  My very favorite book is Tom Sawyer.  Enough said.

8.  My favorite poet is John Keats.  So tragic his work was not recognized by his peers until after his untimely death at age 25.  25 folks!  Can you even imagine what he could have produced if he lived as long as, say, Robert Frost?  Oh, to think of it!

keats on justruminating men's blog

9.  I absolutely LOATHE liver!  If I ever walked into your house and I smelled liver, I would have to kill you.

10.  I love cookies.  I love mostly soft cookies, but as long as I have milk, a row of Oreo Doubletstuff is not safe.  I love any kind of cookie, except cookies that don’t taste like cookie like Biscotti–but they are technically biscuits, and biscuits are cool, but they are not cookies.

Well, there you have it, 10 irrelevant to your life facts about your humble writer.  Share a fact or two about you, that would make this post worthwhile to me!

DID YOU KNOW:  You can’t inhale through your nose and talk at the same time?


  • Well the only thing we really have in common is our dislike for biscotti. It’s really very much like eating cardboard in my opinion. I absolutely loathe lasagna, and yet when I’m ill, people tend to bring it to me by the truckloads. Here’s another funny fact about me, I once saw a picture of a lighthouse and told a family member that I liked it. From that day forth, I received lighthouses of all kinds, and even though I secretly hated the gifts I was given, I never said a word. Until one day, I had finally had enough. This family member was in a store and pointed out a lighthouse that she thought I might like. I finally made it quite clear that I really don’t like lighthouses very much. Except for the real kind that are often fun places to visit. Well, I haven’t gotten a lighthouse gift since. Thank God for small miracles! Oh and when you get married, I’ll make you a batch of cookies for your wedding gift. I make the best cookies around, or at least that’s what everyone tells me anyway. 😉

    • Omg that’s so funny about the lighthouses! Well I read a post by that woman and she has lots men following her and one guy was getting all sexual and she was all into it. So I have to start all over, I don’t play well with others

      • Well then, you’d have to be up for a little competition I suppose. I think you’re right, better off looking elsewhere. Plenty of others out there, with your same interests, looking for somebody just like you. Takes patience I suppose. In my experience, it’ll be the person you least likely expect it to be, and they won’t fit your ideal at all. And yet you’ll find out in the end, they’re exactly what you really wanted all along. 😉

      • You’re so kind to say that thanks for that!!

  • 100 years of solitude, fishing and soft cookies – how do we combine them to make the perfect day? i may one day tell you the significance of the 3. lovely to know more about you than just recovery, things that define you.

  • I can totally see your personality through the facts you chose to share! I smiled the whole time I was reading. Can also say that I relate to fact number 10 on a spiritual level as I’m typing this while eating some Girl Scout Cookies LOL

  • Hey Rob, I’m a mythology fan too, please suggest some books (esp greek mythology) Also if you are a voracious reader you should open an account on Goodreads. You will meet a lot of like minded readers.

  • Oh, yes! Whenever asked what is my favorite book, I answer 100 Years of Solitude. I can’t even tell you WHY, because it is so beautifully written. Thank you for sharing. Cookies are my favorite too. I’m trying to avoid sweets right now and so as I cruise the aisles of the grocery store I always look at those cookies in the bakery section. I think I spend more time looking at cookies than I do actually shopping. Thanks Rob!

    • Haha, that’s funny about the cookies. The book is hard to explain

      • Yes, it is. I found that the more I tried to tell my daughter about the book, the more she looked like “And you liked this book?” I need to read it again. I recently went through something that affected my memory and I feel like I’m reading certain books and watching movies for the first time. Show me a movie today and in a few days I’ll tell you that I would like to see it because I heard it was good. Frustrating to family. Funny for me. I’m told it’s not a permanent problem. LOL

  • This is a fun one Rob. Little known facts about me
    1. I am a serious science nerd. I had planned on applying to med school but discovered I HATED 3 hour lab courses. Still facinated with science, particularly genetics, neurobiology and fractals.
    2. I have left clothes behind so I could fit more books in the car during moves. I have read the Harry Potter series so many times I cannot count them. I discover something new every time. I am an ardent Jane Austen fan and think that she was a serious badass.
    3. I could eat Indian or Mexican food almost every day. I rarely go out for Italian because it is almost never as good as my grandmother’s cooking. The smell of onions and garlic cooking reminds me of my childhood. I have a SERIOUS chocolate addiction and prefer dark chocolate.
    4. I am an textile artist and bead weaver. I don’t have much time to make art anymore but I have participated in juried art shows and have sold many of my quilts and jewelry.
    5. I once dumped a boyfriend for his sister. It took him a REALLY long time to figure out what had happened..
    6. My favorite place in the whole world is Cape Cod. I am most at peace near the water.

    • Thank you for sharing, I loved getting to know these facts about you! Where’s the other four, I feel cheated 😦

      • Sorry!
        7. I am dyslexic. I particularly have a hard time with vowels next to each other and telling my left from my right. Spellcheck is my best friend. My late father and my son are also dyslexic but all three of us are dyslexic in our own unique ways.
        8. I am obsessed with body art. I just got my first tattoo at 50 but definitely want more.
        9. My late aunt and uncle used to own an advertising agency and I was in several commercials including a national one when I was a child.
        10. My favorite social work job was as a play therapist. I worked with 2 and a half year old through 13 year old kids who had been neglected, physically or sexually abused, had experienced other trauma and/or were in foster care until I had to leave because of health reasons. You can win over an adult who doesn’t like you but kids are incredibly instinctive and don’t change their minds once they have decided that you are trustworthy or not trustworthy.

      • Fabulous! I might do something similar to this in the future, I really enjoyed getting to know everyone! I don’t feel cheated anymore,😀

  • Really enjoyed reading this! Some facts about me…
    1. I love swimming too – there is something freeing about being submerged in water.
    2. I love cats. I have a very fluffy, very lazy tom cat who is my best pal.
    3. My favourite thing to eat is warm chicken in a crusty roll with lots of butter.

    • Mmm, that meal sounds good. I grew up with cats, a siamese, who was nasty, himalayan and a Persian. Thanks for sharing

      • You’ve inspired me this evening and I’m just in the process of writing a similar post. Realised I never share anything personal so maybe now is a good time. I’m going to link your blog in it if you don’t mind?

      • I hope you weren’t about to say you did mind because I’ve done it now!! Tell me if you want me to remove the link for any reason <3

      • Always welcome. Glad I could inspire you! I was kind of tired of all the angst out there, so I did that post

  • I have to read that book (10). Sounds like my life 😄 hahah

  • I am hardcore fitness freak and obsessive disciplined

  • On my day off today, I took your challenge. Anyone can read it here:

    • I can’t like from your website on my phone, but I love your open an honest answers, thank you for sharing. The old Commodore 64, my God how many hours of football I played while tripping on acid, holy shit. I could use a few spells, we’ll talk later lol. You are not asking my opinion, but thats the way I am–>about your love, all I can say is follow your gut and when you finally meet maybe I would just self preserve to be on the safer side ie: don’t go giving him money, etc. Other than that, love on my brother! I love love love dragons, and make angels. I have a Dragon tattoo on my right shoulder. I was born in the year of the dragon, according to the placenta at Wei Hai Buffet

      • I have no tattoos, nor do I have an interest in them. However, there may be a day when I get a dragon pentacle tattoo on my right / left shoulder but I would be very specific (not Chinese or Japanese but Western/Medieval) with color. I assume I would spend a fortune, so its on my bucket list! Speaking of Chinese New Year, I was born in 1971, so that was the Year of the Pig. I’m a Golden Pig to be more specific. Here is my forecast for 2017:

    • Not placenta dammitt, placemat lol

  • Didn’t know about “nose” lol and don’t wanna try even 😂😂. About facts: very passionate …by the way, what can ppl cook from liver nowadays? Everybody’s into eating salads 😬😛 oh, can’t swim lol my outing was playing in the woods or reading :)) Tom S is the man 👍👍 and fishing…I think I like it, especially SOUP-time! Haha

  • Rob, I am so grateful for your visit to my little blog as it led me to yours! I will be following yours. I am currently re-reading One Hundred Years of Solitude-Love it. I’m also currently re-reading all of my favorite Dostoyevsky. I read too many books at the same time and get confused. I love Russian literature and 20th Century Russian Lit. as well as postmodernism anything, whatever postmodernism means these days.

    I suffer from many of the same things you have mentioned here, including maybe the same age! Do you know Anne Sexton’s or Sylvia Plath’s poetry? have you read David Foster Wallace? Mary Karr? Karr is the greatest recovery memoirist in the history of the planet. I wrote her a letter one time and told her that when I read her books, it’s as if she is sitting in the room, an old friend having deep conversations. Have you read Noonday Demons? Any Kathryn Jamison? Eckhardt Tolle??? Tolle is a spiritual master but has become too much of a “pop star.”

    Sometimes my blog is good therapy.I just got over a stupid-long bout of writer’s block. I’m using form poetry to get out of it and it seems to be a good method. I’m missing a whole bunch but I have to get back to work……Sorry for all the questions!

    Thanks again for your visit! Congratulations for all of your hard work!


    • Wow thanks for all your sharing it’s awesome. Age? Just turned 53 two weeks ago. How odd you are reading 100 years. Dostoyevsky is tough going for me. I don’t read as much as I used to. Ues, I have a Tolle quote section of my blog, but it got little action so I moved on to Spirituality For The Day. Thank you for the Karr notation. I think I will look her up. Glad your writer’s block is clearing up. I had a poetry block until last week

  • Thank you for sharing , this ignoramus doesn’t know what dark teal is, ah ! One right after my heart is lasagna, when I was growing up , I read a lot of books, Enid blyton’s , fairy tales , wild westerns by Louis l’ amour,thrillers , Oliver strange was another fav, the only time I got to read poetry was at grand dad’s , he had a huge library full of books, mostly poetry books. He had these huge shelves stacked with voluminous books. It’s still so much fun to read a paperback, I think.

  • 1.My dad had a boat when we were little but it was my mom who loved to fish, I like making my jewelry. 2. My favorite color is Garnet w/ Turquoise. If you golf you can wear teal pants. 3. My favorite food is CAKE. 4. I love to swim but prefer pools so I can do my other favorite thing, float! 5. I’m interested in the History of Russian Prison Tattoos and the History of Different Religious Beliefs. 6. I used to read a book a day the first book that inspired me to read was Lord of The Flies. 7. My favorite book is Geek Love by Katherine Dunn 8. I’m not a big poetry fan but love Edgar Allan Poe (of course) 9. My mom used to make my dad liver and onions once a week! Personally I will gag if I am given Goat Cheese. Had a very bad experience. 10. My nickname was “Cookie Monster” at a Salon I worked at because clients brought these towering cookie trays for Christmas time. I thought I was being clever by slicing an opening in the back so no one could tell I was eating them. Then one of the cookie pyramids collapsed. I ate a lot of peanut butter cookies w/ Hershey Kisses, pecan balls, Italian cookies I didn’t know the names of, I ate them all. lol

    • So lovely this share. I like garnet, it’s my birth stone. I do golf on occasion, good to know! I taught Lord of the Flies in hs. Hmm feel love huh? That’s a great nickname lol. My mom made those Hershey kiss cookies and co loved them! So nice to learn more about you like This!

      • “Geek Love” , it isn’t for everyone but it does make you think about a lot of things. Family dynamics, how society views beauty and what’s considered an “oddity”, and how far some people will go to either fit in to these categories or escape them. “Lord of The Flies” I read at an extremely young age. My brother who is 7 years older than me was supposed to read it. It was sitting around the house so I read it. Of course when he found out I had to help him with his assignment! lol

      • I see. Maybe I’ll have to find that book. Too funny on the Lord of The Flies

      • Not! My brother was inspired by wrestling. I got to enjoy the figure four leg lock, the flying elbow, the choke hold, something called a “chicken wing” (I think he made that one up) he was 6’3″ and 250 pounds with socks that could clear out an entire town!

      • That’s a big boy

      • He’s bigger than me I’m 6’1″ 220

      • He was that size at 14! It’s one of the reasons he was always in trouble. lol

      • Holy hell! I imagine if he played football he was a wrecking ball

      • He played all sports but was best at baseball. The problem was he could never stay out of trouble and was expelled from High School twice. Yup, they let him back after the first time and he screwed up royally again by growing pot in the Future Farmers of America greenhouse. For someone with a high IQ he’s an idiot.

      • Haha, we all have our crosses to bear, right? I have been told I have a very high IQ, and here I am in a VA Treatment Facility, recovering from alcoholism and I am homeless. Go figure…

      • The problem is when you’re intelligent (some people in different ways than others) you have a tendency to get bored because your brain isn’t being stimulated or challenged enough. This can cause some people to entertain themselves. My brother has all of the symptoms of being Bipolar and his daughter has been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, but he will NEVER admit he has any kind of problem. Even after he gambled their mini mansion on Pearl Lake in Wrentham away, gambled their boat away, stayed in the basement drinking rum and coke while gambling online for over 6 months and not working. They lost everything. It put a huge strain on my mom because she was secretly giving him money to pay bills without my dad finding out. Everything really went to sh*t from then on. But he constantly says the same thing “I don’t have an alcohol problem, I have an ex wife problem”. And he wonders why I’m the only one who still talks to him. Sorry, I’ve been alone in the house for too long! The dogs aren’t that great at talking just pooping on the floor because they refuse to go out in the snow and the Chihuahua is a sneaky S.O.B. lol

      • You know I never mind you commenting things about your life to me, don’t you by now? YOu never have to apologize, and you still have my email and number, so please stop apologizing and vent! I know the feeling about the boring part. And you and I know well enough, he’s not going to stop or get help until he knows what the dilio (deal) is!

      • I know. He’s 50 and has never come close to admitting he has a problem. This is someone who showed up late to my grandfather’s wake, drunk, started a fist fight with my dad and knocked the coffin over. That was when he was in his early twenties and nothing has changed. But I’ll be here for him regardless. I feel guilty, my parents kicked him out of the house at 17 but they never kicked me out for doing some of the same things.

      • One day the bottom will fall out and then he can get help

  • Thanks for sharing!
    One Hundred Years of Solitude is one of my all time favourite books too. It’s always so profound every single time, with so many layers upon layers of meaning. *_*
    I love Keats as well, but while I do sometimes wonder about what other wonders he would have given the world, most of the time, I am at peace that it was a good life lived, with lots to show for it.
    In other news, I am a night owl trying desperately in recent days to acknowledge the evil that is early morning, and I also despise the smell of curd.

  • lol at “If I ever walked into your house and I smelled liver, I would have to kill you.” thank you for a laugh.
    I love oreos but don’t like the “stuff” in the center so I scrap it all out and eat the chocolate cookie.
    I love the time of morning when its’ not still dark but not quite light, and all the birds and animals are waking and making the most wonderful sounds, bustling around, letting you see them.
    I love music, all music. It doesn’t matter what kind and love to sing along. Although I am not a singer, pity those who hear me.
    I love bread, any kind, never met any bread I didn’t like.
    I love to draw, use to be quit good at it. When I was in 3rd grade I won an art contest, that was for all grades. Got my picture and artwork published in the paper. But I stopped after my parents went to the school and said they didn’t send me to school to learn all that “artsy fartsy stuff but to read and write” LOL
    I love pilates. It’s the only exercise that strengthens me without me feeling like I’ve been beat with a bat 😉 and it’s very relaxing.

  • I have an unforgiving sweet tooth – cookies, brownies, etc. are not safe around me. Oddly enough, cake is not a big draw. Tiramisu is my favorite, and I can eat the whole thing myself.

    Music has always been my first poetry. I have read tons of poetry in my life. I lack focus/direction, so I tend to do everything at once and overload myself with no organization. Musically, I am as eclectic as they come, with the only exception really being country music. To describe my feelings on music, check out Cold – Bleed, it has always felt like my heart being sung.

    My two favorite singers are Maynard James Keenan (TOOL, A Perfect Circle, Puscifer) and Corey Taylor (Slipknot and Stone Sour). I’ve described myself before as the perfect union of the two – Corey’s anger, frustration, passion with Maynard’s analytical humor and manipulation. Sadly, I forget this often. If you want to talk to me, speak in music, it’s what I always listen to most – to benefit and detriment.

    Tom Sawyer is one of my most favorite books as well. Twain has always been one of my loves. His sharp wit and humor, I quote him constantly to myself.

  • From what I have read on your blog these last few days, in the short time that I’ve been following, you’re doing it right, Sir

    • Wow, that’s really nice of you to say! Sometimes I feel like I might post too much. But then I get these ideas and I just post away. Your comment means the world. You’re the first to say that since I started in oct

  • Thanks for introducing yourself. Enjoyed it.

  • As they say, “Thank you for sharing.”

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