A.A. Today: The Main Business


AA Today are daily readings from the book “Twenty-Four Hours A Day.”

“Twenty-Four Hours A Day is intended for members of Alcoholics Anonymous as a help in their program of living one day at a time.

It is designed for those who want to start each day with a few minutes of thought, meditation, and prayer.”

February 21, 2016

I go to the A.A. meetings because it helps me in my business of keeping sober.  And I try to help other alcoholics when I can, because that’s part of my business of keeping sober.  I also have a partner in this business and that’s God.  I pray to Him every day to help me to keep sober.

As long as I keep in mind that liquor can never be my friend again, but is now my deadly enemy, and as long as I remember that my main business is keeping sober and that it’s the most important thing in my life, I believe I’ll be prepared for that crucial moment when the idea of having a drink pops into my mind.  When that idea comes, will I be able to resist it and not take that drink?

Meditation for the Day

I will be more afraid of spirit-unrest, of soul-disturbance, of any ruffling of the mind, than of earthquake or fire.  When I feel the calm of my spirit has been broken by emotional upset, then I must steal away alone with God, until my heart sings and all is strong and calm again.  Uncalm times are the only times when evil can find an entrance.  I will beware of unguarded spots of unrest.  I will try to keep calm, no matter what turmoil surrounds me.

Prayer for the Day

I pray that no emotional upsets will hinder God’s power in my life.  I pray that I may keep a calm spirit and a steady heart.


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