A.A. Today: Real Fellowship


AA Today are daily readings from the book “Twenty-Four Hours A Day.”

“Twenty-Four Hours A Day is intended for members of Alcoholics Anonymous as a help in their program of living one day at a time.

It is designed for those who want to start each day with a few minutes of thought, meditation, and prayer.”

February 4, 2016

Treating others to drinks gave us a kind of satisfaction.  We liked to say, “Have a drink on me.”  But we were not really doing the other people a favor.  We were only helping them to get drunk, especially if they happened to be alcoholic.

In A.A. we really try to help other alcoholics.  We build them up instead of tearing them down.  Drinking created a sort of fellowship.  But it really was a false fellowship, because it was based on selfishness.  We used our drinking companions for our own pleasure.

In A.A. we have real fellowship, based on unselfishness and a desire to help each other.  And we make real friends, not fair-weather friends.  With sobriety, have I got everything that drinking’s got, without the headaches?

Meditation for the Day

I know that God cannot teach anyone who is trusting in a crutch.  I will throw away the crutch of alcohol and walk in God’s power and spirit.  God’s power will so invigorate me that I shall indeed walk on to victory.  There is never any limit to God’s power.  I will go step by step, one day at a time.  God’s will shall be revealed to me as I go forward.

Prayer for the Day

I pray that I may have more and more dependence on God.  I pray that I may throw away my alcoholic crutch and let God’s power take its place.


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