A. A. Today: Glad To Be Out


AA Today are daily readings from the book “Twenty-Four Hours A Day.”

“Twenty-Four Hours A Day is intended for members of Alcoholics Anonymous as a help in their program of living one day at a time.

It is designed for those who want to start each day with a few minutes of thought, meditation, and prayer.”

February 12, 2016

As we look back on all those troubles we used to have when we were drinking, the hospitals, the jails, we wonder how we could have wanted that kind of life.  As we look back on it now, we see our drinking life as it really was and we’re glad we’re out of it.

So after a few months in A.A., we find that we can honestly say that we want something else more than drinking.  We’ve learned by experience that a sober life is really enjoyable and we wouldn’t go back to the old drunken way of living for anything in the world.  Do I want to keep sober a lot more than I want to get drunk?

Meditation for the Day

My spiritual life depends on an inner consciousness of God.  I must be led in all things by my consciousness of God and I must trust Him in all things.  My consciousness of God will always bring peace to me.  I will have no fear, because a good future lies before me as long as I keep my consciousness of God.  If in every single happening, event, and plan I am conscious of God, then no matter what happens, I will be safe in God’s hands.

Prayer for the Day

I pray that I may always have this consciousness of God.  I pray for a new and better life through this God consciousness.


  • AA receives a lot of criticism…of course there are other options too. But the spiritual approach is very much needed in my opinion.

    • I espouse the virtues of multiple approaches. But each person’s recovery is their own. If you are interested, read my Men Can Give Birth–it’s a celebration of my 9th month of sobriety, where I list the ways I’ve maintained sobriety. Or not, lol

  • Ok Rob, you asked for it 🙂 I posted it here since there aren’t many comments lol 🙂

    Without Your Love

    This worlds temptations with its pull
    Never ending Your love it keeps me full
    When I struggle low in heart
    You’re reminding me always we’ll never part
    Sad, angry, underserving the evil one wants me to be
    Satisfied with Your mercies You keep me
    When it’s hard, the journey thru this land
    You never fail to take my hand
    Your grace raining down on me from above
    I would be nothing without Your love

    • Just woke up from nap and found this gem! This is fabulous and expressive and there’s not a lot of religious poetry around these halls! Please, post this on Valentine’s day and have that day actually mean something. For He is the greatest love of all! You’ve got to start posting your poetry! You need an outlet for something so good! I gotta do snow removal so I’ll be gone until tomorrow, but you go and post! I believe in you!

  • Yeah. Prayer for all of us too.

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