A.A. Today: Faith


AA Today are daily readings from the book “Twenty-Four Hours A Day.”

“Twenty-Four Hours A Day is intended for members of Alcoholics Anonymous as a help in their program of living one day at a time.

It is designed for those who want to start each day with a few minutes of thought, meditation, and prayer.”

February 23, 2016

Besides our jobs, our families, friends, and our sobriety, we have something else that many of us found through A.A.  That’s faith in a Power greater than ourselves, to which we can turn for help:  faith in that Divine Principle in the universe which we call God and which is on our side as long as we do the right thing.

There have been many days in the past when, if we had taken an inventory, we’d have found ourselves very much in the red, without sobriety, and therefore without jobs, families, friends, or faith in God.  We now have these things because we’re sober.  Do I make one resolution every day of my life–to stay sober?

Meditation for the Day

Love the busy life.  It is a joy-filled life.  Take your fill of joy in the spring.  Live outdoors whenever possible.  Sun and air are nature’s great healing forces.  That inward joy changes poisoned blood into a pure, healthy, life-giving flow.  But never forget that the real healing of the spirit comes from within, from the close, loving contact of your spirit with God’s spirit.  Keep in close communion with God’s spirit day by day.

Prayer for the Day

I pray that I may learn to live the abundant life.  I pray that I may enjoy the close contact with God this day and be glad in it.

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