Principles of Purpose: A Guide To Living Wisely

I’m back. To pursue Recovery even more Wisely. To share my new journey with you. To share a bigger message than before. To take my recovery and share the life lessons I’ve learned, struggling to realize my potential over the last 56 years.

To share with you 30 of the most powerful concepts I believe can help anyone overcome themselves, and achieve their potential. 30 concepts which may be obvious to some, but elusive to many.

Stay tuned…Principles of Purpose: A Guide to Living Wisely, in progress, on a blog that used to be, now, where some of you followed my journey of recovery as it unfolded.

Now I’m “giving it away”, to anyone who wants to learn how I kept myself alive long enough to manifest a new outcome for my life. To anyone who cares to know the wisdom I’ve learned, to overcome just about any obstacle a person could face. No bullshit, gloves off.

30 chapters, 30 concepts…traversing the landscape of this thing we call life. My life unfurled more raw, exposing everything : childhood traumas, abuse, neglect, substance and alcohol abuse, mental disorders, incarcerations, death wishes, failures and successes. And how these concepts manifested in me…and how they can manifest in you.

Life changing…you’ll see.

30 principles of Principles of Purpose: A Guide to Living Wisely.

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