Keep Sobriety Simple


Get your head right, and keep it right!

12 comments on “Keep Sobriety Simple”

  1. This year has been such a blessing and a curse. Depending upon how you look at things. Ten years sober (with a few slips) and I am discovering that the people I surrounded myself with are vindictive, cruel narcissists. My husband and I have no family to speak of, as I went no contact with my sister’s side of the family, and now his mother. I have no desire to drink, and I attribute this to finally being free of the people I trusted-who did not love and cherish me. Merry Christmas, Rob! And join me in praying for the lost and addicted, wherever they may be.

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      1. Well, my faith in God. After years of doing it on my own, I finally made a covenant with God not to drink again, which took the pressure off of me, knowing it wasn’t an option. ACCOUNTABILITY is a major factor, my husband would be crushed if I began drinking again, and if I lose him, I lose the world. Thank God for CPTSD, the weed helps tremendously. 🙂

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