Their Sorrow


delusion on justruminating mens blogLife is
but a show
for stars
the moon
and the sun.

Emotions are
for little kids
as they play
and run.

Love is
just a fairytale
from books
from poems
never to be won.

Living is
just a dream
from which
we never wake.

Feelings are
awful things
their pain
their sorrow
strong they ache.

Love is
but a fantasy
never a reality
never can partake.

16 comments on “Their Sorrow”

      1. I haven’t seen a single post of yours in the last month though. Not once. Today, I was wondering to myself if you quit your blog, or if something had happened to you, so searched you and saw you had bee posting the last month! Not sure why they’re not showing up in my news feed


  1. everything is an illusion in this dimension we live in, every second is a stage prop carefully set and we are just actors with lines we receive just as its our turn to speak. so we fail to say the right things at the right time and the next second needs to be constructed. Love, happiness, joy all need to be earned. And the way to earn it seems so tedious most of us give up before we are even halfway there, and that’s how the fairy tale goes. your sorrow is so sweetly spoken here, I hope it is fleeting though my friend, while I love the sadness, I don’t like thinking you are this sad.

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  2. Dear Rob,

    I have written a poem about love:
    Your photo is fantastic – I like this kind of art πŸ™‚

    Here my poem:


    Love in duality
    Takes, demands

    Love in unity, oneness
    Gives, unselfishly

    Love in duality
    Separates, loses

    Love in unity, oneness
    Is universal, wins

    Love in duality
    Fires the mind

    Love in unity, oneness
    Is life, is soul

    Love in duality
    Is possessive, wordly

    Love in unity, oneness
    Is free, divine

    Love in duality
    Is unconsciousness

    Love in unity, oneness
    Is consciousness

    Duality is Maya
    Unity, oneness is God

    DidiArtist, 18.01.2014

    Is it good to see a glass half full or half empty? …

    Thanks for sharing, dear friend πŸ™‚

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