His Awful Visage


stygian rider

He is coming
for me
The stygian rider
on his hellish
steed whose nostrils
spit fire
he is coming
he is coming
for me.

Entrenched and
my heart trembles
seems resigned
to this reality
this inevitability
this clash of
overlords divided
mind and heart
and combative.

for sacred sanctity
questionable ties
their truth their way
an epic struggle
two worlds colliding
battling and
warring over their
precious notions
quintessential hostilities.

The earth rumbles
mud filled trench
thick with despair
stench of vomit
the rider approaches
axe wielded high
his awful visage
fixed on me
his terrifying shriek
he is here
he is here
for me.

9 comments on “His Awful Visage”

    1. The point of the poem is that the mind is the enemy, not the heart. The mind says go and the heart says stay. The mind is always overthinking things and the heart is the natural course of life. They are always at odds. This fills me with great sadness and despair. This fills me with great joy and serentity. This is hard.

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      1. Your mind is not the enemy. Your mind is the reasoning. Your heart and your mind are a team, one cannot survive without the other. Make the two of them speak together. Accept them both in equal measures and let’s fix it. We cannot just have you living in this pain.

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