Such Pretty Words

Written upon the occasion of  a gentleman completely misreading the nuanced words of a particular young lady.  Poor chap.  Sad tale, this one.

Oh this venom
upon his lips!
See how
down the back
of his throat
it slips.

Bled from the sun
a nectar he’s found
he swallows slowly
and suddenly
he drops
dead on the ground.

Smoke and mirrors
Labyrinth for few
funfair funhouse
with equivocal words
lake waters illusory
cloak and dagger
through and through.

That faraway land
coy foreign way
words gamely penned
vaguely veiled ideas
a premise delusional
and so then
this swift decay!

His blood his tears
the snow they stain
his soul it dies
and will remain
ever and forever
dead with disdain.

18 comments on “Such Pretty Words”

  1. i like how you detach and write as a third person to the conversation in this because you still have self worth and this person seems to have lost his. I read it again and could write a whole essay on this. Always amazing with the words and emotions Rob, no one feels life as you do. I am glad you share some with us to make us feel life too.

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  2. Hi, Bob – I ran across your blog from the “Little Helper’s” blog post. I admire you being so transparent and your writing is very inspirational. I just wanted to thank you, for sharing all your wonderfulness with the rest of us here on WordPress.

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