Winner will be announced on Saturday, March 4th

I developed this award to recognize those bloggers who are truly exceptional people, as well as writers.  Listen, we’re all out here writing and plowing along in life.  But some of you are just way too exceptional to be included in a 15 nomination “award.”  So I made one just for you!

Some of you are exceptional above and beyond the talent that exists in our community.  Some of you just blow us away with your gut-wrenching bravery and unequaled talent.  And some of you are constantly posting material that is beneficial to all concerned.  I want to recognize you and your works.

To me the Robust Ruminator is someone who takes incredible personal risks in exposing their realities.  Someone who shows brilliance in their writing.  A Robust Ruminator is someone who also shows devotion to the other bloggers by posting thoughtful comments, not just pressing the like button.

This is a bi-weekly award.  Before you vote, please consider carefully the following award criteria

ro·bust ōbŭst)

1. Full of health and strength; vigorous. (blogger shows guts and fortitude)

2. Powerfully built; sturdy. (exhibits an exceptional command of the English language)

3. Active or dynamic. (blogger regularly comments on others’ work) VERY IMPORTANT!

4. Effective or productive. (blogger is prolific and their writing educates and enlightens)

5. Substantial in content. (blogger shows incredible range and depth of courage )

Once the winner is chosen I will:

  1. Send you cash prize of $50.00!  That’s right! 50 bucks!
  2. Request you post the Award prominently.
  3. Feature you and your work on my blog.
  4. Invite you in as a Guest Blogger.
  5. Post to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter on your behalf.

Read More About The Robust Ruminator Award

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