My Poetic Life: In The Shot

In The Shot

If you look closely you can see me taking this shot.  I can’t wait to get a real camera to minimize reflections.  I was inside the building.  Next time I will be outside the building lol.

16 comments on “My Poetic Life: In The Shot”

  1. I did see you in the reflection and just a thought if different coloured clothes on you would give different effects to the photo? My son is in a photography class and is always experimenting with his DSLR and also mobile phone, part of class assignment and lecturer chooses best shot with out information which device was used. Surprise but the winner was from an 8MP samsung!! its all in the skill and the eye that sees the shot before its captured, I know from your photographs you have an eye for detail, like snow on a wall! I digress, but yes the reflection, if intentional is amazing here. I caught a similar desert sunrise in Nevada last year just like this, I loved the effect of the reflection, like being in a glass ball.


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