Clean Loving


My nakedness
sways as
your wonderful
touch spills
over me.

You and I
my soreness
you run along
my back
so warmly.

and wash away
all my misery
my angst
my fatigue
washing clean
dirty day

28 comments on “Clean Loving”

  1. Perfect. I thought, man this sounds like a shower feeling (note: I need a shower!) and then I thought, no, it is hands giving a massage. Then, I laughed out loud! Good work.

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                    1. Al-Maliki is going to write my life story. It will be separated by childhood adolescence college 20’s marriage and then a shit show adult finale, maybe by woman, since it falls in timeline perfectly.

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                    2. Catastrophic is more likely. I can’t start typing. I built the post, Annamojis pic is up. I just can’t start and I’m bummed. And I just saw the typo. Sometimes I’d like to destroy my phone. I meant Annamoji not freakin Al-Maliki jeez lol

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                    3. I looked at that word for a while and decided that it was a type. Lol. How about you start anywhere. Doesn’t have to be at the beginning. Close your eyes and think of something. But if you think it’s too hard to do then you don’t have to, you know.

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                    4. I have to. Its the final piece now that my recovery is strong it’s time to turn inward. I know people probably think the whole Robmoji thing is stupid, but it’s helped me to vent. And now I’m bringing in another emoji to deal with this inner stuff. People must think I’m nuts, but I’m going to do it anyway

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                    5. People don’t think you’re nuts, honey. If it’s what you need then go for it. For me, it hurts to think of you hurting. But if you need this final piece then I hope once you start, it flows easy.

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                    6. Thank you Victoria, your words are kind. I was doing ok until I started thinking of how to write and different things came hurling at me at once and the list yesterday. Maybe I’m pushing it too fast. Maybe I’m not realization what’s hanging out in here. I dunno

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                    7. I think you’re right. Take it easy and maybe slow it down. Think of one story you want to tell. And then just do that. You don’t have to go through your whole childhood at once. You need to be ok more than you need to write this all out.

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