Living Life Well: Live For Today!


Gems for living a life of wellness. Lessons I have learned, or am learning, during this crazy journey through life.

Everyday we wake up is a fresh start, and we can make of it what we want, write on that blank canvas.  So, whatever the past was, let it go.  Don’t live in the past!

There is nothing you can do to change anything that has gone on before and so you must turn your attention to the here and now.  I know that it is hard to resist the allure of dwelling on what has gone before.  But if you want to be happy and successful at life, you have to turn your attention to what is happening for you right now. past1 You might be tempted to dwell on the past because it was awful or because it was wonderful.  Either way, you have to leave it behind because the only way to live is in the present.

If you’re revisiting the past because of regrets, then you need to be clear that you can’t go back and undo what you’ve done.  If you hang on to guilt, you’re only damaging yourself.  We’ve all made bad decisions that have adversely affected people around us that we professed to love but whom we treated disgracefully.  There isn’t a damn thing you can do to wipe the slate clean.

If you can, try to see the past as a room separate from the one you live in now.  You can go in there but you don’t live there anymore.  You can go visit, but it isn’t home any more.  past on justruminating men's blogHome is here and now.  Don’t miss what is happening now because you were too busy looking back, or later you’ll be busy looking back at this time and wondering why you wasted it.

Carpe Diem!

14 comments on “Living Life Well: Live For Today!”

  1. we won’t be here without the struggles of our past, i know what you are trying to say here and it helps to rationalise when the heart gets left behind and the head wants to move on, but we are here because we have a past, those who did not won’t be reading, writing, blogging or trying to get ourselves to a better place in our new future, appreciate the thoughts here so much, but some credit needs to go to the past we have had, its shaped us to be who we are, we cant change certain things but we must never forget, the change it created in us. Your words always make me think. Thank you for always sharing so generously.

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  2. Dear Rob,

    We all can learn from our own mistakes and wrong decisions made. We should not live in the past, nor in the future but with the building of our own experiences, from moment to moment, we all should live in the presence planting the seed of our future while living in the presence. Past and future are like dragons attracting us with: what was and what would be…

    Thanks for sharing and have a good time

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  3. Such a meaningful post!
    I also came across a quote on this which went like – It’s okay to take a crazy trip down the memory lane every once in a while, just don’t build a home there.

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