My Ruminations:  40 Impressions Of Me



I was inspired by Rebecca to be brave and bold. After reading her disclosures I realized my previous list was inadequate. I had to get real after her bravery.  See her list HERE.  So, here’s a lot more stuff about me

1.  I love cereal. Healthy and unhealthy. I also LOVE smelling the inside of the Frootloops box. How do they get that to smell so good?

2.  Noises about the norm make me nervous.

3.  I have 2 older half brothers and 1 younger half-sister. I speak to none of them.  I grew up until 12 with one of them. He hasn’t spoken to me since I was 12.

4.  I have used every drug but heroin and meth. Alcohol is my primary drug, which led to many usages primarily of cocaine and crack.

5. I love rain, especially downpours and thunderstorms. I’ve never made love during a thunderstorm. But I would like to.

6.  I loathe soggy bread.

7.  My Favorite movie is The Longest Day, a movie about the epic Invasion of Normandy.

8.  I’m 6’1″ 225lbs. I would like to lose that 25lbs.

9.  I can whistle through all combinations of my fingers. I can also whistle through an acorn cap.

10.  I am a very good swimmer. I like swimming in lakes and ponds more than the ocean, but I swim there too.

11.  My brother John got hit by a car on Christmas morning and died the following day. He was 8. I was there. I was 11.

12.  My retirement dream is to buy a small house on a lake and have a small boat. Preferably with the love of my life. I’m not Robmoji, I can last more than 9 months with a woman.

13.  I don’t like it when I’m excessively hot.

14.  I love kissing, kissing, and more kissing.

15.  I taught High School English for a year.

16.  I got kicked out of the Army for an OUI I got in Germany. The discharge is classified as General Under Honorable Conditions.

17.  I paid over $350,000 in child support.

18.  I have 2 sons, Nick 24 and Matt 22.  We haven’t seen each other in 11 years. But I’m working on that!

19.  I love Chinese leftovers.  One of the few leftovers I will eat.

20.  My Rolex was stolen from my car while I was with a prostitute. I had left it in my center console for some stupid reason. When I went into CVS to buy tinfoil for smoking she must have taken it. She was ugly. She was there to score me drugs, not sex. I was hammered.

21.  I slept with a fan from age 22 to 52. Jail stopped that habit quickly. I no longer need a fan to sleep.

22.  A medium told me once that I had lived over 1,000 lives.  I disagreed with her.  I’ve lived many more.

23.  I’ve loved a few, but I’ve only been IN love once.

24.  Two of my previous girlfriends from my early who’s got abortions. One of them I wrote about in A Cold White Door which turned out to be the moment of conception. I was there for one, not the other, because she didn’t tell me until after it was done–the girl in the poem.

25.  I am almost OCD clean and organized.

26.  I attained Expert marksmanship in the Army and with German weaponry.

27.  I graduated college with high honors. I spent 6 out of 8 semesters on probation for various behavioral issues related to alcohol.  I got almost failing grades from elementary school through high school.

28.  I like colored rocks. I have some colored rocks.

29.  Every time I see a clown I am repulsed.

30.  I love male angels and dragons.

31.  My middle name is Marc.  It ends I’m c instead of k because it’s French.

32.  I once had to hitchhike from Monte Carlo to my hotel almost an hour away because I missed the last train because drinking. All I had to give the guy was $1, you’d think he hit the lottery.

33.  One of my girlfriend’s was bulimic. One of my girlfriend’s pulled her hair out incessantly. My last girlfriend was a psychopathic alcoholic. She now spends her time creeping my blog and blogging about me.

34.  My Favorite series was Madmen, followed by The Sopranos.

35.  I have to shake the milk carton and then smell it before I will use it. I don’t care if the cow’s standing outside.

36.  I had 4 episodes with “suicide.” To me 3 were cried for help. The last one, while I loved with girl from #33, I swallowed over 100 pills of various medicines. I woke up the next day as if nothing happened.

37.  Prior to going to jail from May 2016-October 2016, I worked in the car business for 20 years. I managed, sold, and did finance. No, I won’t help you buy a car. But you should always by pre-owned, only use, and never buy anything in finance. You’re welcome.

38.  My Favorite sex act is cunnilingus.

39.  I totaled 3 cars in less than 4 months. I totaled my Altima, Lexus ES350, and the nicest car I ever owned, my Lexus GS450. I’ve totaled 4 cars in my life and never got a scratch, never got an OUI charge from any of them. After I crashed my GS450, the police actually gave me a ride home.

40.  I believe we are cosmic beings temporarily occupying human form. I believe thst once our bodies give out, we will rejoin our celestial bodies and exist in a fantastic dimension as a reward for suffering on Earth.

Peace all you lovely humans!

66 comments on “My Ruminations:  40 Impressions Of Me”

  1. reading from #1 all the way down to #40, there’s a wave you climbed, crested and remained, happy to read the last disclosure of your soul, we are after all dust or glitter. Stay on the wave, see the love coming to you from everyone who reads your amazing words, let it keep you there.

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  2. You my friend are extremely interesting. It’s as if I can’t stop reading and can’t look away. You’ve been through so fucking much. How are you still alive? I mean, really? I’m so happy that you are so that I could stumble over here to read about your life. I’m sure you’ve heard it before but obviously, you are a miracle. You’re very determined and wildly talented. Thrilled to read all of these things about you. Keep up the fantastic work here on the blog and with yourself.

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    1. Gosh that could be some of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me. Thank you SO much for your kindness, time, and attention to my writing. I have not yet written all of the trauma and drama, and humor, that is my life! Stay tuned Anakin has decided to tell my real life story on her Chronicles of Rob coming soon. I hope she isn’t a complete both about it. From one heart to another, for real, thank you

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  3. 40.  I believe we are cosmic beings temporarily occupying human form. I believe thst once our bodies give out, we will rejoin our celestial bodies and exist in a fantastic dimension as a reward for suffering on Earth

    THIS is exactly what I believe my brother. Love it

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      1. Of course not! I am not of human origin and there’s never been any doubt in my
        Mind about that. 🙂 I can’t wait
        To return home to the source the astral
        Plane is incredibly beautiful more so then anything here on earth 😘✌️🌎💫👽

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  4. Wauw Rob. That was brace of you. You are braver than me cos you put in your weight! I also love the rain. I CANNOT whistle! At all…. probably something wrong with my mouth :/ Nr 20 really made me laugh (sorry!). I actually had to google nr 38… and oh my 😉

    Thank you for sharing.

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    1. It was a beautiful Rolex. I forgot to add that she disappeared into the house with my drugs and never came out. I didn’t get high or laid. How could I forget that? And I lost an $8,000 watch I got for my birthday

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              1. Ok then. You have to see the irony in the situation….. you go to a prostitute to get laid but end up getting screwed yourself! And it’s not like you could go to the cops to report that your prostitute stole your rolex and your drugs….

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