A Cold White Door



A cold white door
not in my home
one key
golden hope
not in her hand.

Oh the cold
pale room!
not in my dreams
who could have
not in my mind.

the vengeful
blows angry
inside we’re
touch of shaking fingers.

Estranged white folds
adorn white curves
and pressed against
the idea
we gasp.

Aged in a moment
too soon
the deception revealed
a parting gift
and a
parted loss
is all I know.

13 comments on “A Cold White Door”

    1. Thanks very much. It’s expressed regret over sleeping with a certain girl when I was much younger. In a hotel that had not turned on the heat in that wing for some reason and it was January and frigid. But the sharing hands represent both the cold and the nervousness of the moment. I don’t usually convey the meaning, but it’s you. So there you are

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