My Sunny Side Up: You’re Doing Great!


sunnysideupIn the thesaurus the antonym of criticism is compliment:


1. an expression of praise, commendation, or admiration:
A sincere compliment boosts one’s morale.
a formal act or expression of civility, respect, or regard
compliments, a courteous greeting; good wishes; regards:

As you can see, paying a compliment does wonders for the recipient. Not to mention it does wonders for the giver. And that is my point today: why don’t we all give more compliments, or more importantly, encouragement?compliment1

Lately, I have noticed compliments becoming a part of my normal day. And something amazing has been happening: I feel happier and the people around me feel happier.

Imagine my surprise yesterday when the Director of the program pulled me in his office. He then spent 10 minutes complimenting me! He said everyone here was amazed at how well I was doing.

That they recognized all the hard work I have been doing in recovery. Of course, I left the office feeling damn good! He made me feel that I was important. We all need recognition, and his recognition gave me more momentum to keep doing what I am doing.

Similarly, I have noticed that I have been offering up compliments without any thought at all! This is completely different than my old “inward thinking” that I used to do. I used to be focused on three people: me, myself, and I. Giving out a genuine compliment makes other people feel good. I feel good just seeing their face light up. Dare I say, lately I have been, well, happy!compliment3

People have been responding to me in a different way! I’m not suggesting all of a sudden you have to start spitting out compliments like your a machine gun kiss ass. ’m suggesting to incorporate maybe one or two a day. I smile a lot more. A lot more. This is completely off the charts for me. I was never one to overly criticize people, but I certainly wasn’t tossing around compliments either.

It’s easy to criticize, but it’s much more difficult to step out of our selves and offer up “an expression of praise.” So, dear readers, I challenge you: can you find the time today, and everyday, to tell someone you love how much you appreciate them? Not “I love you,” but a genuine compliment? Can you give the guy or gal who serves your coffee a genuine compliment? Can you take two minutes and pat an employee on the back?

I promise you this: start giving “a formal act or expression of civility, respect, or regard,” daily for 30 days, and see if your life isn’t transformed. Who would like to take a 30 day challenge for March, and see if you can compliment someone the entire month? I’m going to start today! Less disdain and criticism, more compliments and love!


25 comments on “My Sunny Side Up: You’re Doing Great!”

  1. For a while I was skidding about complimenting people openly and frankly because a person I knew couldn’t take a compliment and would always make me feel bad for complimenting them. I stopped that thought process and you’re right – I feel better and happier and so do the people I communicate with when I am being kind. Kindness is free. The world needs as much of it as possible. I’m happy to be free with compliments, and aways happy and grateful to receive them. It creates such a better energy and such a better life. 👌💕

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  2. your thoughts are in sync today, this and with the other post on stinkin thinkin, I am glad I did not say more there, which I can now say here, when we give a compliment it takes the shift off us, the person we are forming the compliment for becomes the focus of the good, and the good then bommerangs back to us. I am liking this post a lot, makes me feel good like I just received a compliment for being…..too talkative! Happy to hear the compliments and good stuff that you are receiving and deserving, you work hard at it, it shows!

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    1. Excellent thoughts as usual. I’m so blessed that you take the time. Your comments are always great, sometimes funny, and benefit others in my community. If I could have 50 of you I wouldn’t care about any more followers

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      1. I am glad you think I am funny most people stare and shake their head. I do enjoy your blog, your thoughts, feelings and hopes. Reading and commenting is a joy for me. Thank you for always seeing the good in me too. 50 of me ! you will be asking for more than a nutty bar! you would need a whole crate to have enough energy to keep up with me! you are adorable you know!

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