Fan@!#ing Tastic! Poked


Robmoji_fantasticBrought to you by Robmoji! I thought it would be fun to add some humor, or maybe something completely insane or different. I welcome your feedback.

What do you all think of my alter ego Robmoji? Haha! Thanks to Pooja, at lifesfinewine, for turning me on to bitmoji, itโ€™s addictive!


funny on justruminating men's blog


19 comments on “Fan@!#ing Tastic! Poked”

  1. I absolutely love that! It used to happen to me at baby showers until I got past the point where that was a reasonable expectation. “You’re next…” “No I’m not. I’m not going to have kids.” “Oh, you’ll change your mind.” Self satisfied smile. Grrrrrrrrr.

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        1. Ok deal non public it is. [Uhm, Robmoji Rob here, Robmoji stick to flirting with women your age. Robmoji forgot how young you were, I apologize] whatever Rob, stick to your own posts dammitt!

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