Blind Romance


blindromance on justruminating men's blog

The wind it howls
through the trees
as I’m crumpled
on wounded knees.

My mind is lost
to the sky
mingles with you
way up high.

Time is thieving
stealing days
rotting my hope
so love decays.

My soul tormented
through the years
suffering silence
burn my tears.

The wind it howls
through the night
scatters careless
my loveless plight.

I seek the courage
I seek the chance
To run and embrace
this blind romance.

Though not a daily
tale to tell
my dream it lives
I know it well.

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              1. I’m truly sorry. I’m going to have one my wordpress friends go in and check and see if she has the same problem. Because everytime I go through reader, I see a comment option. So I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I’m also going to check my settings again. In the mean time, if you’re able to, try to post on my actual website ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m so sorry for all the problems. Thank you again for notifying me of this problem.

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                1. Sorry, most of the time I’m on my phone. What little cpu time I have I have to do all my posts. I only get to read actual websites is Sunday. I checked again, not there. You see it cause you’re admin check admin settings reading or writing tabs

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