Robmoji’s List: Hot Bloggers


wp-1487765548846.pngWHO IS ROBMOJI?

Ya, ya, I know:  “Robmoji don’t you know you’re objectifying women?”  Give me a break.  Today’s list is merely pointing out that you can be hot AND be smart, so pump the brakes on the judgments–Robmoji don’t play that.

That’s right, I am doing a great service to society by helping eliminate the stereotype of “All looks, no brains.”  So don’t get your panties in a bunch!  Don’t rain on my parade!

These women write some damn good blogs besides.  Don’t be writing me talking shit.  Oh, and if you comment, keep in mind this is MY post, not Rob’s!  I’m so sick of getting confused with him.

Oh I do love the ladies.  And besides, all of these hotties support Rob’s blog, and that means more readers for me!  So, without further ado, here is a list (there are way more, but I had to stop somewhere!), and in no particular order, of 15 of the hottest–and bestest–bloggers I know.  I know many more, but this is only supposed to be a top 10 list!

Marriage proposals accepted on a first come, first serve basis.  Don’t all fight over me at once!

All names are linked to one of their mighty fine posts.  Go read them!
















54 comments on “Robmoji’s List: Hot Bloggers”

                1. Don’t need that vitamin got stuff. I take men’s Centrum. God takes care of the rest😉unless of course we went away for 7 days. Then even Adonis might need a little “lift” lmao

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    1. Yo, you’re lucky I went through Robs followers oldest to newest until I got to 15, I would have plastered you up there. I might down the road anyways. And what’s this you’re writing sex poems to him? What’s wrong with me?

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  1. Well hello there, Robmoji! You made me blush… Thank you. Thank you for the mention, but also thank you for the words because in my case, I REALLY went to the dark side of addiction, and the last thing I felt was HUMAN, much less pretty and smart. I look forward to more posts from you, and tell Rob I really enjoy his!
    Pamela (Sober Mami::)

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  2. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some of the most beautiful people are the one’s seen as outcasts or freaks, but to me there is beauty in their strength. I still look behind me when someone gives a compliment or an inappropriate shout out. But I laugh when I think about it after. Me standing there looking around when I’m the only one in the area and the group of guys are probably like “What the hell is she doing?”.

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  3. Great message, and I’m gonna check them out!
    Also, I’m just wondering about the severity of your internal crises. Like, is this a Jekyll and Hyde situation, or more like demonic possession?
    Also, I’m so sad I’m gonna miss out on your posts for a while cause I’m taking a “hiatus” for finals and college entrances. 😂

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  4. Thanks so much for the mention, Rob(moji). It’s great to hear someone say beauty and brains can coexist. These are all beautiful brains. 🙂 Too often women are discredited because of their looks/appearance.

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