My Daily Thought: My Opinions


wp-1485751247123.jpgI am slowly learning that my opinions are not truths.  They are just opinions.  And sometimes, they are better off left unsaid.  And until I can express them as opinions they should remain only my truths.

14 comments on “My Daily Thought: My Opinions”

  1. I copied this from the “About” page from my blog. Today has not been a good day, so this is all the participation I could muster:

    My “opinion” on opinions, is that an opinion is not right or wrong. It is the view, perspective, whatever you want to call it that a person has.

    Just because I don’t agree doesn’t make me right or the other person wrong. It simply means that we have different feelings on a subject.

    I often find that I have different feelings on lots of subject matter with people, and yet we agree on many more things than we disagree.

    So, my opinion is not right or wrong, neither is yours. If 10 people read the same story, each person would have a slightly different, and some polar opposite opinion of what the story meant. Sometimes I wonder, were you even  reading the story I was reading?

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  2. Expressing opinions as truth is not something new, it is just faster. Chatting over the fence has given way to tweeting while you pee. Which is about where those opinions might exist for many. Good thoughts, Rob. Glad to see you at the helm on this one-

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