Always Know I’m Keeping


Ruminator WarriorGoddessHer distant voice is tender
falling all around
caught up in her splendor
not one single sound.

Needs are always aching
quaking in my heart
I’m hers for the taking
from the very start.

Never are we speaking
seeking loving ways
writing passions tweaking
love poems all my days.

Always am I thinking
sinking in the need
trying hard and inking
words into the deed.

Truly is my writing
drifting in a dream
one that I am fighting
drifts along a seam.

Deep need ever creeping
seeping into me
always know I’m keeping
thoughts of me and thee!

23 comments on “Always Know I’m Keeping”

  1. another one i want to keep between the pages of my journal, really loved the words that fell in rhyme and love with each other like the line did not want the last word to leave till the next line came along. and how cool to see the word thee used so lovingly! such strong feelings, more than love, almost ethereal that holds these two lovers together.

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    1. I debated that word for a long time lol. I may yet remove it. I put it in I took it out many times, and I don’t usually edited my work that frequently. Funny you should bring that word up.

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      1. When I read I feel the words, its not good for me sometimes, some words and writings grate and jar till I grind my teeth, no kidding, but some I can touch with ease, and what happens when you touch something, it comes into contact and gives its own vibe, so sometimes I can’t go on reading but other times I can’t stop because the feeling is too sensual, I touch the words as I read them and….never mind …its just hard to explain…but I loved that word, but you are the author, you have the right to do as you please with the words, this is new – you edit your work? interesting….I like a man who ruminates much! hey you dont have to reply me you know – I just like being here.

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          1. thank you for understanding the words, I am grateful someone understands the mess that tumbles out – but I do love your poetry – especially the ones like this. there’s a certain way you arrange them that reminds me of taking a slow boat ride down a dark lagoon and seeing just a little bit of light before the clearing.


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