My Daily Thought: It Staggers Me


wp-1485751247123.jpgWhen I gaze at the moon it staggers me.  It has from a very young age.  I realize how unimportant everything truly is.  Except that here we are, hurling through space, caught up in a world of crap when we should be caught up in each other.

15 comments on “My Daily Thought: It Staggers Me”

  1. looking at the moon makes some things unimportant to you? – the moon seems to reflect our sadness and hopelessness more than anything or any person can, does it feel that way to you too? – I used to feel that and still do when I am really down – look at the moon and wish – wish for a lot of things to be different – on the equator you cant put your thumb on the moon not like you can in the northern and southern hemispheres of this world and I did that when I was far away from home on the equator – look at the moon and put my thumb on it and then I felt bigger than the moon – and asked it to help me make sense of the chaos I always felt. Would you give me permission to?

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      1. permission – to touch the moon with you – because you and all the things you do matter even when you dont think it does – small against the moon – you know I find I struggle to get the words right with you – tangled with your brain I muddle my own – never had this problem with anyone else before – you befuddle me!

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          1. I don’t know where that word came from! It just went pop! You don’t need to won the moon, did not ask you to give it to me- just touch it with me and feel that we are bigger than all the things the moon controls. Have a good evening Rob!

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