Fan-F@!#ing Tastic! Blogging


Robmoji_fantasticBrought to you by Robmoji!  I thought it would be fun to add some humor, or maybe something completely insane or different. I welcome your feedback.

What do you all think of my alter ego Robmoji? Haha! Thanks to Pooja, at lifesfinewine, for turning me on to bitmoji, it’s addictive!

WHO IS ROBMOJI?ignoringblog on justruminating men's blog

25 comments on “Fan-F@!#ing Tastic! Blogging”

        1. I actually have a VERY good reason 🙂 This one, the one that I am writing from now has a lot to do with work. It is not a platform for me as a person. I have been free in my comments but less in my writing – about the dark side of me anyways.

          It short – it gives me freedom 🙂
          I don’t remember what the theme is…. I’ll have to get back to you on that…

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