Robmoji’s List: Latest Followers


Robmoji_manythanksRobmoji’s List is a new feature where I will be highlighting WordPress bloggers in various categories.


Today’s List:  My Last 10 Followers

I guess in order for you like me, I should do a shout out to Rob’s newest followers.  Without folks like you, I would be talking into the wind.  I always try to read as many blogs as I can, but keep in mind it’s all about Robmoji, and not you.

I welcome you all to my community.  Make sure you read more of my posts than Rob’s.  I know that my community will welcome you as well!

Here are my latest 10 followers in no particular order.  In each instance I have linked to their About pages so you can learn more about them.  If there is no link to an About Page, then I link to the main page so you can choose what you want to read.

  1. apatientvoice 

  2. Stevie’s Law

  3. lettersthatmatter

  4. the year (s) of living non-judgementally

  5. hopesofheart

  6. Words and that


  8. future advocate shubham mubi

  9. Prateek’s Helping H@nd

  10. Dawn Peace

And you better be reading my posts!  The hell with Rob, Robmoji is a much better writer!  Good luck and all that stuff.

27 comments on “Robmoji’s List: Latest Followers”

  1. That’s awesome you have so many followers of your blog..I am lucky if I get 5 people…Is there a secret to finding readers? You are a great writer but so are many people who have no one reading…It would be awesome to know something new!!! Thanks!

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    1. Well don’t be deceived. I have 1,100 followers yet usually I’ll be lucky to get 60 likes on a post. I wonder what the other 1,000 are doing lol. You can cut that at least in half to people who are truly reading my stuff and not liking or commenting just reading. That being said TAGS are very important to add to your posts think of general subjects that will appear in reader searches. If you write about over drinking then alcoholism is a good tag. Secondly I can’t stand posts that go on and on and on. Keep it short! People will blow by your posts if they are epic journeys. Also catchy or funny titles will intrigue people to read, but make them relevant to content. And, of the post is a little long post pictures! Post media to be eye catching. Use bold type and offset quotes. In other words, make it eye catching. Write lots and read lots. But most importantly comment as much as you can. Phew, hope that helps!

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      1. This is good advice. I have a couple of different kinds of blogs (yeah, I need to get out more) and I finally, after a couple of years, ditched one on a forum which was wonderful to use, but a pain in the butt to follow. (I also need to mind my syntax, but, I digress!). I have a blessings blog here and one more on WP now, taking the place of the odd one I ditched. I don’t have many followers, I don’t really care! lol I write for me.

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    1. This is Robmojis post! Forget Rob. Like me! And he already paid for this bkog, why should I spend my hard earned money on a new one? As a matter of fact, I might do some redecorating round here. Peace

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