How And Why


howandwhy on justruminating men's blog

Should doubt high drift over my love for thee
grey gloomy cloud, disconsolate, strong reign
bleak darkened frown, portend deep misery
hide hearts resolve, beneath shadowed disdain.
Should you feel sudden cold breath of gloom,
spate of fear, black scourge upon painted leaf
quick cruelly fade love grim in abject gloom,
swift eclipse hopes hue behind shaded grief.
And would unshakable faith far be blown,
fiercely shook from loose grasp once so near
wither sweet loves blossom, thus loss bemoan
newly dead splendor, once honored then hear:
Eternally damned shall I rove and cry,
tormented ever to seek how and why.

28 comments on “How And Why”

    1. Thanks Victoria. I was probling the feelings of someone who loves someone so deeply but that other person is either incapable of love, or throwing a love away that the speaker sees as damnation of her soul. Thank you so much for reading and commenting

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    1. Sometimes I just imagine unrequited love, misery of missing someone, loving someone so deeply it would take your soul, and then write poetry about it. Sometimes it’s just to get raw emotion out, with no particular person or situation in mind. Sometimes my love poems are written to an imaginary love, a love I imagine loving and how my emotions end up being conveyed depends upon how strongly I am feeling joy, sorrow, loneliness, emptiness, lust, etc.


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