Fan-F@!#ing Tastic!


Robmoji_fantasticI just can’t resist adding another category to my blog. I thought it would be fun to add some humor, or maybe something completely insane or different. I welcome your feedback.

What do you all think of my alter ego Robmoji? Haha! Thanks to Pooja, at lifesfinewine, for turning me on to bitmoji, it’s addictive!


17 comments on “Fan-F@!#ing Tastic!”

  1. This world would be a better place with a bit more humor. Thank you for doing your part!! She looks like me BTW….. hate cooking… so I opened a restaurant. You know how they sometimes say that if you hate something you should do it A LOT and then you will get over it?

    They were wrong and the people saying that are sadistic pricks 🙂

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    1. Bahahaha! You are so funny, I love it. Yes, believe it or not I have been told I am quite funny, and my sarcasm is coming around to more fun sarcasm, interesting development in my sobriety. I don’t often show my humor though. Thanks for taking the time. Wish I owned a restaurant. I absolutely LOVE to cook.

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        1. Yes, you are correct on both fronts. Especially when the person is not that bright. Though now, with all this newfound character stuff, I fell guilty about doing it so I don’t. The trade-offs aren’t always fun. But it still creeps out. Like my Robmoji Says from the other day. I’m recovering, I’m not dead haha.

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          1. Ya, I don’t have that problem, the guilt 🙂 Not sure if that is good or bad. I am a very bitter person so I use sarcasm a lot.
            I just have mean days… you know what I sometimes do? I pick a fight with some random person on facebook… then when I have gotten it out of my system I will go back and delete all my comments… so they are kind of left wondering ‘what the f*ck?’ LOL It sounds so mean when I write it down like this…..

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            1. Omg, that’s so bad! lol, I used to do that if I read something idiotic. Well, you’ll be happy to know Robmoji is writing his own variety of blog. Read his latest post. He’s going to be a smartass, sarcastic, funny, witty blogger. He just introduced himself. I think he will be right up your alley.

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  2. Haha – she sounds like me – hate to cook – just do it so the kids don’t starve ! This category is a refreshing break – nice and silly fun! Superdog freaked me out though! Never knew you had this sort of side too!

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    1. I do, it’s just well hidden. After reading all the somber material out here in the wordpress world, I thought a little humor would be a nice touch. Thank you for your enjoyment of it.

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