Elements Easing


elementseasing on justruminating men's blog

When swift wind is blowing
and birds free breeze the dale
my hopeless heart is lightened
gone the gloomy gale.

When sweet child is playing
and laughs full loud with glee
my mirthless mind is gladdened
gone the sorrowed sea.

When mauve moon is rising
and stars shine through the night
my shadowed soul is brightened
gone the bleary blight.

10 comments on “Elements Easing”

  1. Wow I’m surprised to see you don’t have much affection for this one, I loved it. It is interesting though because some things I write, when I show my friends they’re like omg that’s so good best one yet! I’m like eh really? it’s not my favorite lol

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    1. I like it well enough, but for Yasmine to say it’s one of her favorites, I was just surprised, because it’s nowhere near my favorite. I am just grateful folks like you take time out of your lives and appreciate my work. I never want folks to forget it keeps me sober and grateful each day!

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