My Daily Thought: Recovery And Aging


wp-1485751247123.jpgHere’s the irony of aging in recovery for me:  5 years ago I was in great physical condition, but my spirit was ugly and decrepit.  Today, I’m more aged on the outside, but a lot more beautiful and younger on the inside.  I’ll take that trade.

29 comments on “My Daily Thought: Recovery And Aging”

  1. DEFINITELY a good trade. Good for you. Spiritual/mental health will probably keep your body from aging as fast too. It will contribute to your overall health and reduce stress (which causes, you know, fifty billion physical issues).

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  2. Aw, come on Rob! The fountain of youth resides in a cleansed Spirit. Keep dancing, singing, laughing, loving, accepting, and you will be tricking out the grind better than the most limber and youthful skater(not sure why this is being used as a metaphor, just flow with it)😋

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            1. Yes, a 6 month Va Work Program while I wait for my disability hearing. If I get at least 30% disability approval, the VA will pay for my Masters and living expenses while I go to school! I will return to London one day. I LOVED it.

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              1. That’s great news! How long until your hearing and what Masters are you planning on doing? These are exciting times!
                I’m not a fan of London myself… too many people for a country girl, but I can see the appeal! Did I tell you I have family in the States too? Mendocino was my favourite place

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                1. I was not aware you had family. That’s California right? It could take up to 8 months for the hearing. I already submitted my claim. I was thinking maybe Social Work. Maybe put the rest of my life to good use.

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                  1. Yeah California, we travelled around the Redwood forests a bit and Napa Valley. It was so beautiful. I think social work would be such a positive move for you… think of all the good advice you could bring? I feel certain that to be in that kind of work, you can only bring real compassion if you’ve experienced some of the problems first hand – you could do so much good! Think how fulfilling it would be 🙂

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                    1. As long as I have a functioning brain you aren’t getting rid of me that easy. Especially you! You are the first blog I ever read I think. It’s been wonderful sharing your journey as well you know.

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                    2. Good! I want to know what happens next 🙂 I know … it’s the same for me. You’ve been around since day 1 and I’m always grateful for the support you’ve given me

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    1. So glad, it’s an ultimate irony to me and one I am trying to embrace. I had been so caught up with my physical well being and condition, it’s nice to be able to work On my spiritual one

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