Joyous Love Stays


joyouslovestays on justruminating men's blog

Float flowing vale
bright sunny beam
beyond thick trees
dally in my dream.

Drift flowered field
sweet warming sun
beyond cool clouds
so colors do run.

Soar darkened dale
minds mystic kiss
beyond stark shade
such a perfect bliss.

Moon midnight high
freeze eternal gaze
steadfast hold night
so love joyous stays.

14 comments on “Joyous Love Stays”

  1. I could read it over and over and not tire as beauty is in the eye of the beholder and my eyes started to water for I looked too long. You long for something you think is lost but its with you and will always be a part of you. Your heart remembers it like this, but your head says no like that and you are left trying to hold time, a time where your heart remembers it was good but your mind doesn’t agree and time can’t be held, elusive yet definite, it has us enslaved to it. Like colour it runs. I felt a lot of contradiction in the words – light and dark, cool and warm, a push and pull but I really like this one – permission to print and put in my journal? It needs safe keeping between pages that can hold words and keep the time you want held. Hope you get something out of all this words that have tumbled out.

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