meetingwasdivine on justruminating men's blog

Sometimes in a lifetime
we meet a special soul
who fills our very essence
so it would overflow.

The wonder of emotions
the feelings are so fine
love that makes you realize
this meeting was divine.

This soul that lives inside you
is one with your own heart
a bond of light fantastic
even time can’t break apart.

The starting of a journey
in which we both shall be
a reflection of each other
for all eternity.

(so much for that, we are not together anymore, and all I got was this poem, hahaha)

29 comments on “Divine”

  1. This is the spot where I first saw you and I was intrigued – that you write the words I had in my heart – I wrote something like this months ago and though you and the one you wrote about aren’t together I am glad you never let the words die and allowed the poetry to flow.

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      1. This one Rob – Divine – on the soulmate – i saw you first here but i read you first on the morning mist one – forget the title – one with the photo of the reddish foggy sunrise, why are up so early in your part of the world – you said 6am right?

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            1. I can’t like from links on my phone, but I loved it! I used to buy into soulmTes, but we have such a capacity to love, and there Re so many lovely souls that I’m just not sure anymore lol. Taking smoke break lol. Just talked to salty sergeAnt major, 50 years of service bedridden


              1. i lead you to this one first and like you i have come to the same conclusion but I am the hopeless romantic and still have hope but yes we can connect with so many people it does not have to be the one or the romantic one – i wrote this last week – with a changed mind set but still hopeful – https://alifelesslivedblog.wordpress.com/2017/02/11/places-in-my-heart-la-la-land-and-an-unselfish-man/ -read when you can – hows the salty sergeant doing?

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                  1. what time is it for you there? and where do you live in the USA? its ok dont worry about the likes i prefer the reads but i will do it after you get off work – no sense in sending you stuff you cant read . less argumentative – is it saturday and there’s something special happening for him to be so mellow?

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                    1. It’s 9:08. I live at the VA treatment center in Brockton, Massachusetts. I never argue anymore, too much energy wasted. Maybe him an I are getting used to each other? What time is it there 9pm?

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  2. I know right! I’ve written poems from a long time ago and i can’t remember who I wrote it about! But I’ve managed to feel it again. God…what is that ripping? I’m 53 and people have been ripped from me by divorce or death. The ones by death are the ones I’ve loved the most. But it you read today’s post, I’ve made peace with it.

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