If I Could


dancing on justruminating men's blog

If I could live each day to tell
of my love and of her spell
that which puts me in a trance
when arm and arm we slowly dance.

Within those lovely eyes I fade
I drift into the world she made
the one that makes me want her so
as we dance so light and slow.

And as her scent so sweet goes by
I can’t but help and wonder why
wonder long and hope to find
why she remains within my mind.

If I could live each day to speak
how daily for her love I seek
and dally forth with loving dreams
then they are real or so it seems.

33 comments on “If I Could”

      1. it was my pleasure but as I always say as creator you have owner’s rights to refute or like what we mere readers have to say. I love hidden meanings, maybe I look for it even when its not there just to make life more complicated for me, but that to me is the beauty of words, winding and spinning a tale imagined before it hit the paper. and this was one of them , sweet but running deep. I just discovered you through a mutual friend and am just going trough your archives, you may start getting a little annoyed – just ignore me , i love to ramble, nice to read you ROB! enjoying the way you think and how you arrange the words.

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          1. sailorpoet – he’s new to blogging like I am 100 years at this but new as in trying to get started – I was happy to always help a friend out. he said on a reblog he was your new fan boy and busybody me had to go see – so here I am! Nice to read you again ROB!

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    1. Sure you can. Just count the syllables in each line and make them the same, or vary it. Then rhyme two lines at a time or every other. So line one 7 syllables, like two 7 or 8, then repeat. At the end of each line rhyme, or rhyme every other. There you have it. If each line has mismatched syllables it’s not going to flow. Unless of course you’re doing free verze, and then anything goes!

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      1. Yeah, I know about syllables (eh, I’m the teacher of literature lol)…but hey, I hate them. I never count. Only if I REALLY…REALLY #MUST πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ free πŸŒͺstyle is d way for my soul βœŒοΈπŸ˜›πŸ€—

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