I Shall Always Soft Sigh



Dare not within darkness let our love bay
tend not in woe of our days that are done
fight wet hot tears and in bed do not stay
rise up glad knowing that we are still one.
Let this day dally long languish slow soar
sing old sun’s glory as it strays sure high
sing so content softly pen our sweet score
my love oh my love in absence won’t die!
Always true that swift rivers reach the sea
somber white moon quiet crosses the sky
Winter each year allows snow to fall free
to my cold death I shall always soft sigh
Blessed and true I am grateful each day
That such a love as you had come my way.

52 comments on “I Shall Always Soft Sigh”

  1. and you said winter and snow like Yeats would have and I hurried outside but winter had left and I hit my head against the clear glass door rushing to see the snow – thank you for the photo you sent as a gift earlier – I do really love snow – did you know?

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    1. Well bringing up Yeats is a bit much relative to my work lol. Yes, I read your blog byline, life is in the details would you agree? I’m glad you liked the snow, near I could do haha

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      1. yes details that usually most people don’t see and I so appreciate your attentiveness – and the more snow I can go see the better – its just been elusive to me – I have been abroad and always missed the snowfall! Just my luck! you like Yeats too? Isn’t he dreamy, those eyes and the words he speaks to me – I loved him first before any other poet.

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        1. I’m going to North Hampton or Pittsfield after here. Still waiting on disability decision. If I get at least 30% I can get my masters paid in full plus housing plus books plus expenses😀

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    1. That’s high praise from you, I’ll take it thank you! I do love writing sonnets, they are not often well understood, so the you appreciate it makes it all worthwhile. Thank you so much M!

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          1. Thank you Rob! I appreciate and repect you willingness to be so exposed and raw. There is good that comes from your struggles and desire to share your recovery! Remember that on the hard days, when you may have doubts and are full of why’s!

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                1. Yes, you are 100% correct, can’t you tell by some of the things I post, lol. I haven’t dipped my toe into childhood yet. That’s the last stronghold on me. Maybe soon. It’s difficult

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