Love Rhyme


loverhyme on justruminating men's blogwarm wind
humid heat
setting sun
loves meet.

colored clouds
sparkling skies
mauve moon
love sighs.

hopes heart
solemn souls
deep depths
love grows.

ragged reefs
barren beaches
smooth sands
love teaches.

bold beauty
mellow mind
witty woman
love rhyme.

14 comments on “Love Rhyme”

  1. Like the use of minimal words that convey much, I struggle to write like this, admire you who can, and do so beautifully, I read it a few times and each time it was like walking down a strip of land or space that we are so familiar with yet each time we go there it gives us sudden wonder, of things we missed before. I connected with the different nuances of love each more gentle but deeper that the one before. Did I say I like it? I liked it.

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      1. its my pleasure – though I maybe manage to read like one every few days – takes a while to get the words right. its like having a book I need to pick as the mood takes me – sorry it may be very erratic for you as I leap all over your space!

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