Living Life Well: Keep Moving Forward


Gems for living a life of wellness.  Lessons I have learned, or am learning, during this crazy journey through life.

The old saying “Shit Happens” is appropriate for this gem:  Accept what has happened in your life and just get on with things.

Maybe your parents didn’t love you enough, someone didn’t finish a relationship with you the right way, or someone wronged you at a job.  They didn’t do it because they wanted to do it that way, but because they didn’t know any different.

If you want to, you can let go of any feelings of resentment, of regret, or anger.  You can think of yourself as a fabulous human being because of all the bad things that have happened to you.  Try not to use labels such as “good” and “bad.”  Yes, I am aware that some of it is indeed bad, but it is how we let it affect us that is the real “bad.”

goodbad on justruminating men's blogI had a seriously dysfunctional childhood and for a long time I was resentful.  I blamed my upbringing for all the messed up things I was doing.  It’s so easy to do.  But once I accepted that what was done was done, and that I could choose to forgive and get on with  my life, things improved enormously.  And I am glad I made peace with my mother, for she died about 1 year after I let it all go.

Just remember, even if you could get in front of you all the people who had “done you wrong,” there would still be nothing they could do.  You could shout at them, berate them, rant at them, but there would be nothing they could do to make amends or put things right.  They too would have to accept that what’s done is done.  There is no going back, only forward.  Make it a motto for life–keep moving forward.

movingforward on justruminating mens' blog

37 comments on “Living Life Well: Keep Moving Forward”

  1. Definitely needed to see this. Met with my course instructors yesterday and he asked me why I felt such social anxiety with colleagues, and I more or less described what I was going through. Made so much money at poker, and due to ‘irresponsible decisions outside of poker’ am now broke and am watching my friends open up businesses with the money they made at poker in the golden days while all I did was buy ‘bad things’. I blame my mom because she enabled my addiction, she literally dumped gasoline on it, but at the same time its my own life and bottling up all the bullshit will just keep holding me back.

    Really happy you made amends with your mom. Trying so hard to let go of all the hate I have for mine, but the roots are deep.

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      1. I’m happy to hear that. 🙂 Don’t be mad at yourself if it comes back. But I bet it won’t be as hard to shake. What do you do with your nights if you don’t watch tv?

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  2. sheeeewww. yes the past. Those were the days. What an ugly, disgusting crap hole, the deep dark pit of despair that is my past. My childhood was a nightmare at best, out on my own at 12, yeah that was a huge monumental cycle of poop. Ah the teenage years, where I saw more than most people who had lived to their 60’s. My 20’s, well I’d love to say they were better, but no, not even close, lol, not even close to close, you get the drift but I always blamed me, hated me, wanted to get away from me, away from life(and I don’t mean oh, I’d like to get away, I mean die). I was so ungrateful. (I can say that now, without it being a negative but a positive maybe I’ll explain that one, one day :)) Thank God(literally) that is over. 🙂


  3. Great reminder! I went through the same kind of process with my parents and have moved on as well. However, for me, I also have had to keep some boundaries around how I will or will not interact with them. Those boundaries keep me safe, but also allow me enough freedom to remain in their lives. Thanks for posting 🙂

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    1. Oh yes, I am proof of that. Just turned 53, I think I have gotten rid of most of them. They do try to creep in here and there–there’s nothing wrong with reflecting it’s in our nature–but they don’t get to rent space in my head any longer. Thank you for your comment.

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  4. Loved this! I too went through a dysfunctional upbringing and carried with me a lot of resentment and anger for most of my teenage years. One day I realized that’s it only hurting me and that I can make a choice to embrace all that I’ve been through as I wouldn’t be who I am today without all of it! Hit the nail on the head here. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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