A Higher Power: Flex!


wp-1485049646473.jpgStrength remains a commodity we desire whether it’s physical, emotional, or spiritual.  And in most cases, we know that the kind of strength we desire won’t happen overnight.  We lift weights and exercise, knowing that we won’t be looking like a superhero for some time, if ever.

We push through painful disappointments and grieve private losses, feeling our emotions but not allowing them to overpower us.  And spiritually, we strengthen our faith by praying spending time in God’s Word, and serving others.

Our spiritual strength, however, isn’t built on what we do but who we know.  God is the source of our strength, and it’s our relationship with him that increases our strength, not any spiritual disciplines by themselves.  many people can do “spiritual exercises” for the wrong reasons.  If we’re committed to loving God, they are natural ways to flex the muscles of our heart.

CHALLENGE:  Contact a loved one and share with them how spirituality–in whatever form it takes for you–is helping you with a problem.

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