parenthesis on justruminating men's blog

Echoes of her laughter
(they’re sounding in my heart)
Thinking she is with me
(I wake with a start)

Silence and without her
(I search inside the room)
Within my heart however
(just darkness and the gloom)

Embracing her was sweetness
(loving her was divine)
Together we can make it
(I am hers and she is mine)

I love this beautiful woman
(who keeps my soul in tune)
She is a very special girl
(we’ll be together soon)

24 comments on “Parenthesis”

          1. like i know brackets are like places to put additional information when writing – but why did you use them in your poem here? i wondered whether you were using them to amplify or echo your words, since they weren’t explaining your original content. AHHH! It’s hard living in my brain – if got too confusing its ok let’s move on. and drop the brackets!

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        1. The parenthesis in the poem parenthesis served two purposes: one it’s sort of an echo of the sentence before and it’s a poem within a poem! Or the parenthesis could be like a whispered reinforcement of the line previous

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