Heaven and Hell


heavenandhell on justruminating men's blog

Long lilac grace
brave bold embrace
familiar dread face
I know.

Serene soft kiss
feeling fine bliss
tame lorn tenderness
I think.

Hording hot chance
calming close glance
daunting vague dance
I know.

Weary worn eyes
divulge dead whys
long imagined lies
I think.

Trite terse dream
languid loves’ theme
sad imagined scheme
I know.

15 comments on “Heaven and Hell”

  1. Anything that makes you think, is inspiring to me. Like, it’s not just straight to the point, something you could interpret in different ways. Also, I’m a sucker for rhymes lol I like writing lyrics so if it rhymes it has me, and I get in that zone ready to write my own

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        1. Thank you so very much, it means a lot to me; however, I must decline. I do not accept awards I feel could be much more appreciated by those who seek them. Please don’t take offense, I have turned down many others

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    1. Oh yes, I have been completely abstinate for 9 months today. I have my blogging down to about 2 hours. I either do it first thing in the morning, or late at night. I am sure you know you can pre-schedule post dates and times, so I spread them out. The poetry comes and goes. Right now it’s coming pretty easily, but I am sure it will dry up again lol

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    1. Hmm, not sure how this one posted. I had it prepared for tomorrow. Oh well, glad you liked it Yasmine. But then again, you are always so supportive of me and my work, and I always appreciate it!

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