A Particular Pause


particularpause on justruminating men's blog

How a long lost love becomes forgotten
during a resonant lonely pause on a piano
and any note sounding a remembrance
ceasing a certain pause on a particular piano.

The utter beauty of haunting notes…whispers
of their love from that sweet April night
lulling and comforting this lingering music
lingers and envelops a forlorn lover.

And (ever present and ominous) a particular
pause on a certain piano harkens their fate
so go cherished fading memories as the
present is no longer eclipsed by what was.

8 comments on “A Particular Pause”

  1. Rob, a personal question (I can understand if you don’t want to answer on a public platform).

    Have you ever loved so much that it destroyed you completely, and your still looking for a closure, because you didn’t get one ??

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    1. Yes indeed I have. The first woman I ever fell in love with. Destroyed me for years, but I got a lot of great poetry out of it, both happy and sad. Both poems posted today are about her. That was 28 years ago

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