My Daily Song: Led Zeppelin


Led Zeppelin is my all-time favorite band.  These monsters of rock were stopped only by the death of their drummer, John Bonham.  I selected this song because it is an incredible love song, and has some great guitar licks.  It is actually Robert Plant singing about his then wife Maureen Wilson.

Thank You

If the Sun refused to shine
I would still be loving you
When mountains crumble to the sea
There would still be you and me

Kind woman, I give you my arm
Kind woman, nothing more
Little drops of rain
Whisper of the pain
Tears and love lost in the days gone by

My love is strong
With you, there is no wrong
Together we shall go until we die
My, my, my
Inspiration’s what you are to me
Inspiration – look, see

And so, today, my world smiles
Your hand in mine, we walk the miles
Thanks to you it will be done
For you to me are the only one

What I say is
Happiness no longer sad
Happiness, I’m glad


Thank you

29 comments on “My Daily Song: Led Zeppelin”

  1. Was it really about his wife? I hope it’s so. Because in several interviews i’ve seen with RP through the years, he seems quite disrespectful and dismissive towards his wife ( which is shit, since she was stuck a home raising kids while he was off living the dream; playing to adoring fans; fucking groupies; making $$$ to do what he lived best etc). I’ve seen interviews where he also laments the loss of his son ( which would’ve been truly horrific), yet we never get to hear how the woman who bore that son felt, and how she coped with such a horrible thing while her husband was miles away, cheating on her left and right, and cashing in at the same time.
    Don’t get me wrong; i fuckin’ LOVE Led zeppelin. They’re all amazing musicians.They are the reason i took up guitar as a kid, ffs. But it was always hard to respect them as men due to their offstage antics. If what you’re saying is indeed true, then this makes me happy, as it means i can respect them as humans a little more. And i do want to, as their music worked magic upon me in my younger days.

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  2. I love Zeppelin ❤ Stairway was my first favorite song. I went to a bar in Bethlehem on a date, and it was probably the best night of my life. It was a Zeppelin cover band and I danced for the first time in forever. My smile was as wide as my ears. Lately, if anything, I've been listening to Pink Floyd, but now you have me in the mood for Zeppelin 🙂 I've been stagnant lately, too much pop music, I think

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