malodour on justruminating men's blogA fragrance drifts
incessantly mists
the hair on my neck
is it
reminiscent of lust?

I sense the odor
is in the jar…but
how then
is it that
I smell it?
It being
so far away
and yet
somehow seeping
all around me?

Incessantly creeping
this opiate
from a dark chamber
sleeps in Hamlet’s bed
a dagger seems
easier to love
than the smell of you.

23 comments on “Malodour”

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    1. You are too kind to say! I’ve just had my share of emotions, I’ve been overemotional and feel things deeply since childhood. I’ve had trauma, I got a degree in literature which helps. I’ve loved too deeply a few times. I’ve struggled with death, alcoholism, redemption, recovery. I guess after 53 years I’ve got a lot to say. Plus I’m very comparymentalized–which is why I have sections for my blpg, helps me stay organized. I am a voracious reader, I love writing. My mind never quiets down. I could do 10-15 posts a day, but I try to be restrained. It also helps I don’t drink or waste time on tv anymore, and I have no real life here in trestment, so I have lots of time. Genius? Hardly. School of hard knocks. Hope this elucidates things for you a bit. So grateful you bother reading my stuff. It means a lot!

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      1. Oh Rob pl don’t say at all that it bothers us if see lots of your posts. You write so well all from your wisdom and reading and it is so nice to keep yourself occupied cause an idle mind is a devils workshop, so pl do what u r doing and in life we all have come with our impressions which we have to shed and go, so do not give too much meaning to your life what has happened is over be more in the present and keep Him and at all times allow his grace to be with u. Stay blessed dear.

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    1. I use two books for my AA and higher power quotes. I have the internet for spiritually and song posts. The rest comes from my experiences in life, my desires in life, and my trauma. Is that what you were asking? Plus a lot of time on my hands lol


        1. See my additional comments. From pain and trauma come expression. From age-I’m 53, you are probably very young-comes experience in life you don’t have when you are young. The best I can say is write what you know. Write from your deepest love, dreams, desires. Write from that part of you that you keep to yourself. Write from your heart

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                1. Yes, I promise you will thank me for this. THAT’S where powerful writing comes from. I can’t wait to read it. That’s what my Malodour poem was about, an old brief love turned bad.


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