An Orchids Death


orchiddeath on justruminating men's blogIn a vision–I
heard an
bleed red
and die
it woke me
from my
troubled sleep.

From this sound
came my vision
of waking
from sleep
because an orchid
die right then.

From the meaning
I felt I’d heard
enough, yet had
seen no vision
as yet
and I never did.

So strange that a
vision could sense
but make no sound
and see nothing but
and orchid did
die then.

In a dream–I
saw a vision there
and it sounded
so very dead
and intensely red
as I slept
an orchid
faded away.

16 comments on “An Orchids Death”

  1. I have read over this a bunch of times! Letting my higher self devour the words to feel there meaning . Funnily enough in my perspective the fact that it took me out of my ego was the meaning for me. In one sense anyway πŸ™‚

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    1. Thus the lesson endeth! My mission is complete. So glad it did that for you. The irony of vision vs sound playing tricks on you and how a dream uponbwaking doesn’t always make sense but sometimes you can pull some vestige of meaning from it

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  2. This is haunting and beautiful. Maybe my perspective is off, but I see great hope in the death. It is the cycle of life. I visualize the petals falling, but then sense the wind cradling them, sense the sun having cared, the water having nourished, and that the orchid may fall to the ground, but new life can then sprout. In blood, there is strength, in red there is energy, vitality, life. I heard that in my mindfullness today, so I’m all about colors today! I hope you slept well after!

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