My Sunny Side: My Job

sunnysideupI tried to find the post where I had mentioned my new job two weeks ago as a grounds worker, but I couldn’t find it.

Anyway, I had complained that they had me and one of the other residents sitting around doing nothing!  Now, a significant amount of the rest of my stay here is supposed to be Concentrated Work Therapy, so I saw this job as a big problem.

Well, I took my recovery into my own hands last Wednesday and mentioned to the lead Psychiatrist that I could not see myself in CWT doing nothing and I wanted a new job.

Monday I started a new job!  I am working in Building 8, the permanent residence to paralyzed Veterans.  Many of these Veterans will not be leaving this building taking breaths.  At first I was a bit intimidated.  However, after my shift yesterday, I realized that I could not have landed a better job.

disabled vets on justruminating men's blogI think it is going to be very therapeutic for me.  I think I am going to be able to connect with these guys–and one gal–and in turn, I am going to be able to come outside of myself and be myself; something I haven’t really been able to be for a very long time.

Many of these Veterans were severely injured fighting for our country.  Vets shot down in Vietnam.  Vets ambushed and shot up.  Other Vets stepping on mines.  This place will humble your ass in a military second.  And I am going to make damn sure that I serve them the way they deserve to be served:  with honor, dignity, respect.

Yesterday I fed pizza to a Veteran paralyzed from the neck down.  I helped another Veteran, who could hardly pull the trigger, aim and fire arrows and get a bulls eye!  We were busting each other’s chops within minutes.  I felt a real connection to Jim.  I think we are going to have a fine friendship.

Sometimes in life, if you ask for what you want, you end up getting what you need.

veterans on justruminating men's blog

42 comments on “My Sunny Side: My Job”

  1. Hey Rob, since I’m new here and all, I have a question for clarity. Are you not yourself on this blog? You seem so to me. Now back to the job share: how fantastic is this?! Being of service from the heart feels really, real, good. I am very pleased you have found a most welcoming part of you.

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          1. Lol. I try but it takes me forever to edit my own posts. Until writing and posting flows from me like my words do, it will be practically an all day affair. I read who I follow at night. I try to get to everybody 😳😊

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            1. Well it’s very nice to have you reading me. I appreciate true “follower” in the sense that they aren’t just clicking the like button. I try to comment on as much as I can. I think I am following too many people, it’s getting tiresome! But who to follow and who would feel left out…endless quandry

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              1. Well, here’s my strategy. And it’s ok if I get booed for making it public😋😅. If the person I follow has several hundred to over a thousand followers, I know that the personal attention won’t be there for most of them. They will focus on those who they already have a rapport with from way back when, or those who’s content really moves them. Those who fall into this category for me, I will read just the post which comes through my reader feed. Those who are on the small scale and those who I feel connected with, both as a writer and person, I spend more time commenting and going through their entire blog (if I can- phew! you all have been writing your butts off!😥).

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  2. Glad to here of the new placement with your job. There is a veteran’s home my Sponsor and I would go for a meeting. Since my new job in September I haven’t been able to return.I miss those guys! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too! It’s a very rewarding experience.

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    1. Yes, I think it is just what the Dr. ordered. I’ll still be doing snow removal for extra hours, as in tomorrow we are expecting 10 inches of snow! Extra money for me to save for a new laptop, my gift to myself for recovery yay me!

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    1. Thanks brother. I’ve been meaning to get back to you about doing a playlist of your stuff. I just need to know a list of songs I can pull from your youtube and an adequate description of the playlist for you!

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